1. Sharon

    Tetiana did very well explaining about all the ingredients that she used. Everything tasted so fresh and flavorful. I am so happy that we were able to help make everything.

  2. Anonymous

    Very informative, answered all questions. We would recommend to have recipe exact as the one she is demonstrating. Also tall stools for seating to watch. Love the idea to try everything tonight and take some home. Wonderful course! will look for more gluten free classes.

  3. Rebecca

    Very informative and interesting class! I learned a lot and really enjoyed the class. I would highly recommend it to everyone.

  4. Mary

    I really enjoyed Tetiana's class. She made eye contact with each of us and was easy to understand. Loved watching her technique and showing bits about cooking in Ukraine. I appreciated how she invited us to participate as well.

  5. Trish

    Loved it! amazing cooking instructor and staff! Celebrated my husbands B-day. This really made our day perfect. Thanks for everything

  6. Terrence

    Amazing birthday experience. Would happily return :)

  7. Simone

    Very good food and very fantastic group

  8. Brett

    Good energy, interactions and flavors! Nice challenge to step out of my comfort zone.

  9. Barbie

    I don't have much cooking experience so I was looking forward to learning. I enjoyed the hands on learning. We were given a recipe to follow and then further directions were given. We worked in groups of four which was fun and it was nice way to meet new people with a passion for cooking. The dishes were interesting and delicious and something I'll enjoy making on my own.

  10. Hannah

    Amazing! Highly recommend, please have more :)

  11. Shelley

    Very good instructions, great team work, excellent sharing of food ideas, awesome food!

  12. Azadeh

    It was a lovely evening, we had a lot of fun, we learnt how to cook delicious dishes.

  13. Brent

    Harshini was great person to help out our group. Ashraf had some delicious recipes and created a fun, comfortable setting to learn. I am happy I came! All of the dishes were so tasty!

  14. Ginny Ye

    Fantastic experience and had a lot of fun.

  15. Rana

    It was very well organized, simple, and engaging. Rania is so good at explaining every detail, and she gave us so many ideas for how to present the chocolate that we made. She is so lovely and the staff were very welcoming and supportive.

  16. Terri

    Lots of fun, tips and great chocolate! Great way to spend an afternoon. Thank you!!

  17. Julia

    Thank you so much for this event. It was really nice and interesting. We enjoyed every minute we spent here!

  18. Yen Fung

    Food was amazing--so many flavours!! Very well organized and well prepared!! MOST ENJOYABLE!!

  19. Terri Parent

    This introduction to Thai cooking was wonderful. The recipes were easy to follow, great instruction, and the food we prepared was very good. These cooking classes are not intimidating at all. A really good way to meet new people or bring friends/family for a night out, learn about another culture, try some new dishes, and best of all a new experience. I plan to attend other classes.

  20. Peggy Antonichuk

    We attended as a group of five (the cost per person reduces with a larger group). It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening especially when shared with friends and family. The food was delicious, recipes were clear and easy to follow and all the ingredients were prepared for us. At the end of evening we gathered around our round tables to enjoy the food we’d cooked. There were even take-out containers provided as the servings were generous. I highly recommend the cooking 101 series and look forward to attending future course offerings.

  21. Asit and Ila Sarkar

    Great introduction to essential Thai cooking. Besides the hands-on experience with items for the evening. Noy also gave us tips on how to do Thai Green Curry and substitute other meats for the curry depending on individual tastes. The only suggestion I would have would be to provide each group to have experience with all stations, and then provide time when everyone can start trying all the dishes together. Overall, a great experience!. I certainly will go to some of the other classes, if not all.

  22. Krys

    What a wonderful, flavorful evening! A few kinks to work out, but being the first class offered all went pretty well. Noy shared tips and advice. The food was amazing. Highly recommend further classes!

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