Ruby Chocolate Festival Bar – Small


Ruby Couverture Chocolate is different from Dark, white, or milk chocolate types. It is extracted from Ruby Cocoa Beans. Its pinkish color is natural, and it does not have any added colors or fruit flavors.
Enjoy the unique new taste of the Ruby chocolate and the new tasting experience. It has a fruity fresh taste with slight sour hint. It looks great as a gift or as a component of a gift basket or box. It has a minimum of 47.3% cocoa

The small bar is about 50 grams. The mix of cranberries, pretzels, Rice Krispies, hazelnuts, and almonds will create taste festival in your mouth. Enjoy!

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Ruby chocolate is a different type of chocolate that is a bit fruity. It has a sweet and sour nice flavor. It is different from white, dark, and milk chocolate types. This plain Chocolate bar gives you the pure taste of Ruby Chocolate.


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