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As a professional newcomer, you encounter unique challenges in discovering your ideal career path while adapting to a new work environment and culture. The tasks of building relationships, navigating conversations, and effectively leading diverse teams can be intimidating without the right skills, potentially impeding your career growth and integration into the Canadian professional landscape.

Our Leadership Coaching program, specifically tailored for professional newcomers, empowers you to emerge as a highly effective leader in your new setting. You will acquire essential skills to nurture trust, communicate with impact, and gracefully resolve conflicts. By honing your leadership coaching skills, you will bridge communication gaps, inspire collaboration, and gain the confidence to navigate any professional situation.

Through a series of 16 interactive coaching hours and practical exercises, we provide you with a comprehensive toolkit. This toolkit instills confidence, bridges cultural gaps, and equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in your Canadian career journey, ensuring a smoother transition towards your dream career path.


The program modules include:

Module 1: Coaching Skills

Module 2: Listening and Questioning Skills

Module 3: Feedback & Feedforward

Module 4: Positive Intelligence

Module 5: Personal Branding

Module 6: Networking Skills

Module 7: Career Transition Planning

Module 8: Designing a Roadmap to Achieve Career Goals


Language: English, French, Arabic


Duration: 16 h


Training Delivery Methods: In-Person & Online


Why me:

1. Founder & Owner of Grow Strong Coaching

2. Resiliency and Transition ICF Leadership Coach

3. Positive Intelligence Coach

4. Former University Professor/Food Scientist/Researcher

5. Displaced Scientists and Scholars’ Advocate

6. War and breast cancer survivor


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