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In todays rapidly changing work force there are many reasons why you might need some help discovering what job would be best suited to your current situation. You may be a stay at home mom ready to join the paid workforce, a young person with no work experience, a new immigrant working on your English skills, or a highly trained professional working on having your foreign credentials and education evaluation by Canadian licensing boards.

If any of these describe your situation, you may benefit from 1 to 1 coaching to help you to “think creatively and outside the box”. I am available to assist you as you discover what your current needs are, what marketable skills you already have, and how your job choices can help you to achieve your future career goals.

Every job search path is unique and influenced by many factors such as family responsibilities, financial realities, education, and interests. For example a parent may need to find work that suits their day to day responsibilities in the home, or a college student may need to find work that is flexible enough to still attend their classes. An individual working on getting their drivers licence may need to find work that they can get to easily by walking, biking or city transit.

In the case of foreign trained professionals who are working on having their credentials evaluated or waiting to take their licensing exams it may be beneficial to see what more entry level positions in their industry would help them to build networking connections and references. For example an RN might work in a hospital as a porter, a personal care aide or even in housekeeping so that they spend their days in surroundings that help them become used to Canadian workplace vocabulary and culture.

We can work together virtually or in person.

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  1. Mandy

    I have used their services which have been invaluable to help me map out my career goals and balance many needs I had at the time. I have been working as an administrative assistant, my entire life, and then at the age of 40 decided to go back to school to become a pharmacy assistant. With already two kids in our household, a husband who is working all the time, in addition to extended family members who started to live with us, their services were godsend. I needed to update my resume, brush of my interview skills, and think through career options that my new education would reward me with. When I started talking to them, they quickly understood what I needed to do, what I was looking for in a new job, and how to go about that. They updated my resume in no time, with which I was able to apply for my new job at the pharmacy and got an interview for almost immediately. I started working a few weeks later and got my foot in the door. I am finishing my educational program this year, already have the experience, made connections and I’m currently talking with my manager to actually work at this pharmacy once I graduate. Their services instilled confidence in me that I don’t have to do it all by myself and that the professional help is right here a phone call or an email away.

  2. Dani

    I have been using their services for the past 7 years. First time I use them was for a dream job that I am still at. The job post had well over 200 applications, Manager later told me, but my resume came at the very top. I practised interviewing with them question by question from all different angles and at the interview, I just rocked. The interview committee later told me that they haven’t had anybody interview that excellently in years. However, what contributed to the success of my story is how they understand what the employer wants, what the interviewer wants, what the HR person is looking for, and what you as the applicant is capable of doing or what you’re lacking and you should be working on. They are tough and honest and they can level with you and they will tell you exactly where your heart and mind is when you set your eyes on a particular job/career. They have been in the industry of resume building, job searching, interviewing, career mapping and counselling their entire life and they have had experience with so many different industries, trends and employer practices that there is really no question they cannot help you with. They have seen it all and are able to deconstruct you, your job posting and your resume. That is how they help you prepare and succeed. Then I have used them several more times to help family and friends who recently lost jobs or needed guidance to reposition themselves as they look for jobs and transition to new careers. They have been an invaluable asset and resource to myself, my family and my friends.

  3. Jay

    I met them through employment services at one of the settlement agencies that help newcomers. I was new to Canada, had lots of experience and education from abroad, but was just so lost and overwhelmed on where to start look for any kind of a job. I desperately wanted to get back into my career I had back home, but that was not to happen immediately. At the same time, I have never really done anything else. When I spoke with them, I quickly realized that I can have long and short term career goals. Where I come from you either study for one career, and then you work in that career your entire life and you don’t really think outside of the box or what other maybe transferable skills you might have gained to help you be successful in other kind of jobs. And that was exactly the skill that I had to master when I moved to Canada and it was a big learning curve that took a lot of courage, but they showed me that I am more than my title I had back home. So while I was working on my engineering accreditation in Canada, in the meantime, together, we created a few job profiles of me that would help me gain a job in a similar industry. It felt empowering that I was able to have multiple job identities, and it expanded my horizons about the career searching and integrating in the Canadian labour market. Thank you thank you!!!!

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