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Interview preparation is essential! A great resume and cover letter will help you to be noticed by the employer but a confident interview will secure the position. Competition is often strong so it is common that there are several applicants who are called to interview for a single position so it is vital that your answers and actions stand out from the others in a positive way.
There are three main areas that will need your attention in order to do in the interview:
Researching the company, understanding the position, and practice answering common challenging questions that employers often use.
Dressing appropriately, arriving promptly, interacting confidently and having appropriate questions to ask the employer about their expectations for the chosen applicant.
How to end the interview session, when or how to follow-up the interview, and how to negotiate final contract details.

An interview prep session is most effective when you are preparing for an interview about a specific position and company. As such, you and I will work together as though I am the employer and you are in an actual interview.

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  1. Dolores W

    If you want to be able to answer interview questions and get job offers –hire Joni as your coach! From the very first session, Joni impressed me with the research she did and how she tailored my interview preparation exactly to the position and company I was applying to.

    Her insightful feedback helped me refine my answers and feel fully prepared for the interview. With her hands-on approach and simulated interview scenarios, I gained competence and conquered interview jitters. I felt fully supported and Joni’s genuine care ensured I was well-prepared for every aspect of the interview process.

    Thanks to Joni’s expert guidance, I aced the job interview and received a job offer.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Joni to anyone seeking a coach to enhance their confidence and to feel prepared to interview well. Joni’s expertise and targeted approach are unmatched!

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