Chocolate Lollipop With Edible Printing


The chocolate used for edible printing is premium white chocolate. A layer of milk chocolate is also added under the white chocolate layer. The mix of white and milk chocolate will give you a unique taste experience. Send a ‘Thank you’ or ‘Congratulations’ message to anyone in style!


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This is the same premium chocolate as in all our chocolate products. The printing is done on a layer of white chocolate that is set on top of a layer of milk chocolate. You can select a custom message or upload an image to print.

Select the number of lollipop to give to your guests or family members in different events: Birthdays, graduations, showers, or any other parties. It is for everyone: children or grown ups. Buy it in groups of 3.

It may work for your business too! Want to WOW your customers or their kids?  Give them a gift with your logo or a business message printed on a premium chocolate piece.

Note: If you upload a custom image for edible printing, yit is your responsibility to make sure you are not breaking any copyright laws. All our edible printing are food based safe to eat printing colors.


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