Shop with a Purpose

With every purchase and donation, you are supporting immigrant women entrepreneurs in Saskatoon. By helping them achieve success, you create meaningful opportunities for them to flourish in our community, and help to build a thriving, unified economy.

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The Women's Business Hub

The Women’s Business Hub (WBH) powers the dreams of immigrant women entrepreneurs. This new facility removes barriers and gives them the opportunity to succeed in our community.

As an alternative to a brick and mortar location, entrepreneurs can easily sign up for our online platform, and sell their innovative products and services across Canada.

Sell With Us

Join our community of innovative immigrant women entrepreneurs, and sell your product or service on the Women's Business Hub! This convenient, low-cost way to sell the things you produce, like homemade goods, food, clothing, and beauty products.

About Sods

Since 1980, the Saskatoon Open Door Society (SODS) has been a primary settlement service provider for newcomers and immigrants in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.