Upcoming Events

E-commerce Workshop

Join our E-commerce Workshop to master the essentials of building a successful online business. This comprehensive workshop covers:  Understand the fundamentals of setting up and managing an online store.  Learn

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Sewing and Fashion Crash Course

Learn how to turn your sewing skills and eye for fashion into a profitable business. This course will guide you through designing unique pieces, sourcing materials, setting competitive prices, and

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Our Mission

Our mission is to assist newcomers to Canada in becoming participating members of an inclusive and diverse community and country.

Our Vision

Saskatoon as a diverse and inclusive community where newcomers fully participate in its economic, social, intellectual and cultural life.

Our Values

We believe that every entrepreneur has a story to tell. WBH features the stories of entrepreneurial immigrant women with a passions born of amazing journeys that have fostered the spirit to build, create and innovate and with ideas to deliver bold and often unique products and services. WBH strives to enable women with small businesses to reach our local and national markets at a minimal cost, making it possible for them to focus instead on creativity and production. With this platform, WBH helps them find “appreciators” and helps those appreciators find their unique stories.

Rental Areas

Welcome to our versatile spaces where culinary creativity and professional productivity collide! Our kitchens are more than just cooking areas; they’re dynamic stages for your gastronomic genius. Whether you’re teaching a cooking class or hosting a food workshop, our kitchens are equipped to bring your culinary dreams to life. 

Need a space for your next big project or business meeting? Our working spaces offer the ideal environment for brainstorming sessions, presentations, and collaborative work. So, if you’re looking for a place where innovation and inspiration thrive, look no further.